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Last Hero Denim jeans brand clothing Russian educated in 2017 in Moscow.

Denim jacket tracker 14,5 Japanese black selvedge

The story began with the fact, that it was necessary to buy new jeans, but it turned out during the search, that one does not sit, other poor quality, third huge. Thus the need has given birth to the idea to make yourself your own hands first jeans. Path from desire to finished couples succeed!

Jeans selvidzh Last Hero Denim 14,5 Japanese black selvedge

Result and feedback of friends and associates were so pleasant, that dwell on it did not want. Appeared willing to buy these jeans, and each time they became more and more.

Japanese denim selvedzh 14,5 Japanese black selvedge

But the usual jeans manufacturing, and sales were not tselyu.Osnovnaya idea is the production of high-quality items from the best denim selvidzh Japanese and US factories,  as well as the desire to revive the cult denim in every thing made mainly on vintage, industrial sewing machines, most of which with great difficulty managed to find in different parts of our planet (America, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland). Many of the cars were in a terrible state and had to recover on their own.

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Therefore, you can now buy something, which is created manually shop with lots of love and attention to detail, materials and accessories small batches or even single articles. If desired, you can make your own choose the color of thread, accessories, some form of decorative elements of a product.

Japanese denim selvidzh 14,5 Japanese black selvedge

Also, you can write your wishes and depending on the capabilities of they will be taken into account in the manufacture of your order!