Hemming 21 oz

If you need to hem jeans or shortened while maintaining the factory seam, then you've come to the address!

Just do not walk around the party heavyweights owners, bring hem jeans to IRON HEART 21 ounces!

By myself I know how you do not want to bear good, expensive jeans in the studio on repair of clothes, Where, besides the usual lockstitch sewing machine Nothing.

Jeans with saving the factory seam

Most Japanese and American jeans filed on special chain stitch machines, and many famous studio and denimmeykery, who specialize in reproductions of old models, hem your jeans on the famous Union Special 43200G, serii Edge Lock.

The main feature of this machine is considered Roping, so . or torsion ropes effect, and this occurs due to the displacement of the upper and lower layer.

Union Special 43200D

What would hem jeans Last Hero Denim,  I also use a sewing machine Union Special Series 43200.

And I am pleased to podoshyu your jeans other brands. Ask your question about hemming youhere.

Джинсы Last Hero Denim